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Aluminum alloy exhibition tent manufacturers

Aluminum alloy exhibition tent

Aluminum alloy exhibition tents can not only solve the shortage of indoor exhibition halls and reduce exhibition costs, but also make your exhibition more personalized. More importantly, its flexible modular combination structure, high-quality PVC tarpaulin, quick and easy installation, exquisite shape, provide you with unlimited innovation and imagination.

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The aluminum alloy exhibition tents provided by KENTEN aluminum alloy structure tent manufacturers are not only waterproof and UV-resistant, but also have a wind resistance of 100 kilometers per hour. The space utilization rate of the exhibition tents reaches 100%, allowing you to design your exhibition to a greater extent.

KENTEN has a variety of exhibition tents for you to choose from, such as curved tents, curved column tents, double-layer tents and so on. From 10 meters to 60 meters, it can meet different site sizes.

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