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Prefabricated warehouse tents solve warehouse problems in low and peak seasons

date 2023-08-22
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The construction speed of the prefabricated warehouse tent is fast and the construction period is shortened

Advantages of prefabricated warehouses.

warehouse tent

1. Rapid dismantling and flexible relocation. According to the off-peak season of the enterprise, the construction, expansion, relocation and demolition of the warehouse can be quickly realized. After dismantling, it can be rebuilt and used many times, which can easily deal with the problem of low and peak seasons.

2. The construction speed is fast, the construction period is shortened, and the time and cost are greatly saved. A warehouse of about 2,000 square meters can be built in one day, which greatly shortens the construction period and can be put into use quickly to solve the troubles of low and peak seasons in a timely manner.

3. The construction cost is low, the initial investment is reduced, and the capital operation efficiency is improved. The prefabricated warehouse does not require foundation treatment, which greatly reduces the initial investment and improves the capital operation efficiency.

4. Temporary buildings, simplify the approval process and reduce additional investment. The prefabricated warehouse is a temporary building, and almost no approval is required for construction (in some areas, simple approval is required according to the civil engineering policy). Significantly save time and cost, and quickly realize warehouse expansion.

5. Highly integrated, intelligent, safe and practical, with complete supporting facilities.

The prefabricated warehouse can be equipped with integrated access control, security, power supply, heating, ventilation and other supporting equipment. Easily solve warehouse problems in low and peak seasons.

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