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Application Scenarios and Functions of Security Check Aisle Tents

Security inspection channel tents can be used in many different places, commonly used in temporary public security inspections at car or train station entrances, or security inspections at entrances and exits before general sports events and concerts, so security inspection tents can also be called stations Public security inspection tents, waiting hall tents, temporary security passage tents, etc.

Security Check Tents

Security Check Tents

The security inspection tents produced by KENTEN mainly adopt A-shaped tents, the span can be from 3 to 60 meters, and the length can be infinitely extended in multiples of 3m or 5m.

In terms of materials, high-strength aluminum alloy frame profiles are mainly used, which are not only light in weight but also beautiful in appearance and long in service life; the external tarpaulin is mainly made of double-sided coated PVC tarpaulin, which has the advantages of windproof, rainproof, sunscreen and flame retardant. Moreover, there is no pillar support inside the entire security channel tent, and the utilization rate of the internal space can reach 100%, which can effectively provide space for activities.

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