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Logistics storage aluminum alloy tents are built quickly, which greatly saves time and cost

In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy, the logistics and warehousing industry has also received great attention and investment. The logistics storage aluminum alloy tent was born to meet the rapid development of modern society. Generally, fixed warehouses cannot be relocated after construction is completed, resulting in a waste of fixed assets. However, this kind of waste does not occur in logistics and storage aluminum alloy tents.

 storage aluminum alloy tents

Compared with the traditional building structure, the logistics and storage aluminum alloy tent has relatively simple approval procedures. The main structure is no longer based on concrete and steel bars, but high-strength aluminum alloy materials are used. The modular frame is simple and fast to build. Thousands of square meters of storage area can be set up within the building. Compared with the cumbersome on-site processing and complex construction of traditional warehouses, KENTEN logistics warehouse aluminum alloy tents only need to prefabricate all tent components in the factory in advance, and assemble them directly on site, which greatly saves time and cost, and can be quickly expanded at any time in the future according to the needs of the factory area. or reduce the area.

warehouse tent

Nowadays, the rent of factory buildings and warehouses is getting higher and higher, the investment in building permanent buildings is increasing, and the approval process is becoming more and more complicated. Aluminum alloy tents for logistics and storage are a good choice! The logistics storage aluminum alloy tent provided by the tent does not require complicated foundation treatment, and can be built on any ground, asphalt, concrete, grass, etc. Logistics warehousing aluminum alloy tents are gradually replacing traditional warehouses and become a good way for modern enterprises to develop warehouses.

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