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Why do tents have to be tested before leaving the factory?

date 2023-08-08
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Tent is a kind of temporary building, which plays the role of temporary storage, display and protection of articles in many occasions. With the continuous expansion of the tent market, the quality and performance requirements of the tent are getting higher and higher. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the tent after it is put into use, the manufacturer must conduct a trial build before leaving the factory.

structure tent trial

The specific steps of tent trial building are as follows:

Preparations before the trial build: determine the test build site, prepare the tools and materials needed for the test build, and provide training and safety education to the personnel involved in the test build.

Install the trial frame: according to the requirements of the tent design drawings, install the trial frame to ensure the stability and accuracy of the frame.

Install the tarpaulin: Install the tarpaulin on the frame according to the design requirements, pay attention to the fastening and sealing of the tarpaulin.

Installation of internal facilities: according to the design requirements, install internal facilities, such as lamps, power supplies, etc.

Trial-build inspection: After the trial-build is completed, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the tent, including structure and facilities.

Trial effect evaluation: Through actual use and testing, evaluate the various performances of the tent to determine its use effect.

structure tent trial

Through trial building, the structural stability, safety, performance and maintenance convenience of the tent can be effectively checked to ensure that the quality and performance of the tent after they are put into use meet the expected requirements. At the same time, the trial build can also provide customers with an intuitive experience and provide customers with better products and services.

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