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Temporary Warehouse Building Sales - Storage Tents

date 2023-08-04
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Temporary warehouse buildings are your first choice for storing goods when you are faced with an unexpected increase in your company or seasonal products. Specializing in the production of various beamless structures, including temporary storage buildings. The span is from 10 meters to 60 meters, and the length is not limited by the span of 5 meters. Due to the clear span design, maximum space can be used to store your goods.

Temporary warehouse tent

Our temporary warehouse building can be used to store a wide range of goods including reasonable clothing and produce machinery. The tent will protect your cargo all year round.

The main structure is made of high-strength hollow aluminum alloy and steel components, the adjustable bottom plate is suitable for various uneven grounds, and the top cover is made of double-sided PVC-coated synthetic fibers with the best flexural strength, waterproof, anti-black, anti-ultraviolet, and flame-retardant properties. , connected by high-frequency welding process. In terms of wind resistance, our tents can withstand wind loads of 80-100 km/h. We also provide the required rolling shutter doors and aluminum alloy double/single wing doors and their related accessories for your security projects.

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