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Introduction to the use and characteristics of double-layer tents

In many outdoor activities, because the site is limited and cannot meet more activity space, in order to maximize the use of the site, KENTEN double-layer tent is a very good choice. Under the same size area, it will get double Activity area and space.

double-layer tent,Double Deck Tent

Whether you are holding large-scale exhibitions or international sports events, double-layer tents are widely used, in addition to being able to accommodate more customers.

The double-layer tent generally has a span of 10m-40m, and the length can be extended wirelessly. There are various shapes such as herringbone roof, arc roof, and air-film flat roof. In addition to being used as a viewing platform, the double-layer tent can also be installed with glass walls to separate different functional areas. The balcony on the second floor is used as a viewing area, and the interior can be used as a lounge, live broadcast room, restaurant, coffee shop, etc. , supporting air conditioners, carpets, sofas and other soft furnishings, providing a full range of services to the audience.

KENTEN provides sales and customization of double-layer tents. Since the product came out, the modular design mode has a short construction period, can be disassembled repeatedly, and is easy to transport.

The double-layer tent has a two-layer design, with a 200% utilization rate of the area, and can be equipped with a full range of accessories. Double-layer tents have won the favor of customers at home and abroad for their unique and beautiful appearance and consistent high quality.

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