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Swimming Pool Canopy Tent For Sale

date 2023-06-20
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KENTEN swimming pool tent can be easily installed and quickly disassembled, which is very convenient for later expansion or disassembly, and can also be recycled.

In order to solve the weather problem, KENTEN launches swimming pool tents to provide you with personalized solutions.

Swimming Pool Canopy Tent

Swimming Pool Canopy Tent

KENTEN's swimming pool tent cover adopts aluminum structure, which has better corrosion resistance and stability to avoid damage, especially suitable for swimming pools. In addition, there are many accessories to choose from, such as glass doors, ABS solid walls, transparent PVC fabrics and side wall PVC fabrics, etc.

Generally speaking, the size of the tent can be customized according to the actual size of the site, and can be directly installed on the permanent swimming pool. Compared with the traditional indoor swimming pool, the construction cost is high and the construction period is long. KENTEN swimming pool tent has great advantages.

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