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Temporary Storage Buildings for Sale

date 2023-05-30
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Mobile Temporary Outdoor Storage Buildings

The temporary storage building provided by KENTEN Structures does not waste any space due to its mobility and flexibility.

In order to solve the problem of difficult storage and relocation, KENTEN structure redesigned the traditional storage building and transformed it into a flexible temporary storage building that can be quickly dismantled and relocated, reusable, and solved the problem of difficult expansion and management of storage.

As a temporary building, the advantages of the temporary storage building are: conventional design, interchangeable structure, and infinite expansion and contraction.

Compared with the complex process of traditional warehouse buildings, our temporary warehouse buildings only need to customize all tent components in the factory in advance, and carry out easy foundation treatment after transportation to the site, which greatly saves time and cost, and more importantly reduces The company's expenses are reduced, and the area can be rapidly expanded or reduced at any time in the future. Therefore, temporary storage buildings are gradually replacing traditional warehouses and becoming the first choice for enterprise development and expansion.

Temporary Storage Buildings for Sale

warehouse tent

Temporary Storage Buildings for Sale

Advantages of temporary warehouses:

Quickly build and scale;

save time and cost;

easy to move;

Customizable models and functions;

100% reusable.

Additional features:

KENTEN can also provide windows, air conditioners, exhaust fans, lighting, drainage systems and other supporting facilities for customers to choose. The new temporary warehouse building can also be used as a temporary workshop. Focusing on safety and practicality, it is not easily affected by the weather.

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