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Aluminum alloy car show tent | Temporary Tent Structure

date 2023-05-18
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The span of the aluminum alloy auto show tent is 30m-60m. No matter what the size of the auto show, you can choose this aluminum alloy auto show tent. The difference from other tents is that its roof is an inflatable air film heat insulation tarpaulin. , has the functions of heat insulation, sound insulation, and constant temperature, and is very suitable for auto shows in any season.

The interior decoration of the aluminum alloy car show tent is also very particular. In addition to placing cars, sofas and coffee tables can also be placed for customers to rest, and even coffee machines, TVs, air conditioners, and other electrical equipment can be installed, which is not inferior to fixed buildings. .

The scope of application of aluminum alloy car show tents is also very wide. Car 4S shops, exhibition halls, sales halls, semi-permanent or temporary buildings are all good choices.


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