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The storage tent is a short-term solution to the storage problem of the enterprise

date 2023-04-14
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With the increase of output, the scale of many production enterprises is also getting bigger and bigger, and the space occupied by finished products and purchased materials that are not in storage is getting bigger and bigger. Facing the rainy season, there is no suitable storage space. At this time, the factory storage tent room can solve the above problems.

The storage tent produced by KENTEN is a large-scale clear span structure with a span ranging from 10m to 60m. There is no pillar in the middle, and it has a large practical space. The top height can be reasonably designed according to the cargo and the trucks that enter and exit the cargo. The application brings higher efficiency, and it is also possible to install equipment to assist loading and unloading. Therefore, KENTEN storage tents are a good choice to solve storage problems in a short period of time for permanent factory storage tents, logistics warehouses, and production workshops.

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