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How to choose the size and specification of storage tents

date 2023-04-10
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Now many small and medium-sized enterprises use storage tents. This kind of temporary space is to help you solve storage problems and help you tide over difficulties, but many partners do not know how to choose the right size. In irregular positions, it still needs to be customized .

The width range of the storage tent is between 3-80 meters, the length is not limited, the height can be set at 3-5 meters, and it can also be used in various combinations. If you need to build it on an irregular site, you can directly measure the building, or it It can be built within the size of an integer area, whether it is in a factory or outdoors, because no foundation treatment is required, but we need to survey the site in advance to make a specific design.

The storage tent meets the mechanical strength needs of assembling local wind loads and snow loads, and such a space is very safe even if it is built on a large area. Economically speaking, tent storage can be built with PVC tarpaulin. The high-quality profiles are rain-proof, mildew-proof, and flame-retardant. All materials used in tent storage can be reused. In the later stage, it is more convenient to relocate and rebuild.

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