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Dress up wedding tent plan

date 2023-04-06
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Praised for their durability, functionality and overall uniqueness, wedding tents offer a wealth of interesting design options for outdoor wedding spaces. Whether white, clear or colorful, these stretchy structures will add style to your wedding.

wedding tent

wedding tent

wedding tent

1. Put the spotlight on your head table

A floral display hanging above the head table is a unique way to create a focal point inside the tent. Create a luxurious and intimate setting with soft florals, chandeliers and romantic drapes in multiple layers of draping.

2. Choose a canopy tent

It is recommended to choose a wedding tent with a canopy to allow sufficient sunlight to permeate the entire space. The open sides are perfect for incorporating your surroundings into your designs.

3. Ceiling Drape Decoration

One way to add charm to your tent structure - is to create a suspended ceiling inside your wedding tent. Instead of using a chandelier, use the draping effect to add a special touch to the tent, the depth created by the design sets the mood for an elegant outdoor event.


4. Build level ground

When pitching a tent outdoors, it can be unpredictable whether the ground is level or not. Build a sturdy surface that can be used as a tent base. A solid surface is a great way to keep the stage level, keep your heels from sinking into the ground, and create a comfortable and inviting environment, as if you were indoors.

5. Open tents on both sides

A wedding tent with open sides and a canopy not only creates a private space, but also protects guests from natural elements, and can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the tent, killing three birds with one stone.

6. Hanging floral decorations

Hanging floral decorations above the tables in a wedding tent is not only a major trend but perfect for bringing the focal point to the height of the tent. Floral installations will draw the gaze of guests upwards, allowing them to fully enjoy the beauty of the tent, and the elevated floral design also frees up space on the table, thereby eliminating other decorations and freeing up space inside the tent.

7. Reasonably divide the area

In addition to the dining area and stage area, the wedding tent can also be divided into a rest area, where comfortable sofas or seats are arranged, so that it is convenient to take photos with guests.

8. Plan a Striking Entrance

You can create a romantic tent entry, create a soft feel with tiered drapes, bring the outdoors in with live plants and trees, or set the tone for your ceremony design with a range of ceiling fixtures. Eye-catching decorations are recommended to grab the attention of your guests.

9. Create height with decorations

When using a wedding tent, you can use tablescape elements to decorate the space. Multiple levels of high placement will ensure your design doesn't feel like it's falling through the roof.

10. A tent with a see-through ceiling

A transparent canopy is also available to complement the outdoors. One of the benefits of translucent structures? Silhouettes of surrounding trees and landscape can be seen at dusk. There's no better way to enjoy the sights of nature while still protecting guests from the elements.

The above are the tips for decorating the wedding tent, I hope it can help you. If you have any other questions about this, please feel free to contact us directly.

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