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10 x 20 A Type Event Tents For Sale

date 2023-02-21
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Our 10x20 A type event tent is a real beauty. Easy to assemble and transport, our 10x20 party tents are a winner in anyone’s book. This small but mighty tent is great for farmer’s markets, trade shows, and festivals. With 200 square feet of space, these 10x20 tents can accommodate 16-32 guests.

10x20 A type event tent

10x20 A type event tent

How many people fit under a 10 x 20 tent?

The number of guests that can fit under a 10x20 tent will be dependent on your seating arrangement but can generally accommodate between 16-32 guests. 10x20 tents are also the perfect size for trade shows or farmer’s market booths.

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