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The aluminum alloy temporary tent has a short construction period and will be put into use soon

date 2023-02-20
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Enterprises will choose to use steel structures or concrete to build warehouses, but this requires at least one to two years of construction period. During this period, due to the urgency of the market, a large number of warehousing transitional needs cannot be met, thus losing customers and markets. In this regard, aluminum alloy temporary tents came into being. KENTEN will analyze the advantages with you:

aluminum alloy temporary tent

aluminum alloy temporary tent

The aluminum alloy temporary tent is built in a modular manner, and the speed is fast. As long as you have a flat site, it can be built. There are not many requirements for the ground. Generally, 10,000 square meters can be built in 7 days, which can solve your business. For temporary use or urgent need, there are no columns in the middle of the building, so the space can be fully used.

The use of aluminum alloy temporary tents is still very flexible and has good scalability. Facing the off-peak season of the enterprise, it can be large or small. The assembly method makes it very flexible and can be relocated or disassembled. There is no need for ground Too much damage can be rebuilt to use.

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