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Stadium Tent For Sale

date 2023-02-07
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Common large-scale stadiums usually take several years to complete, and the construction cost is very high, and the material resources are also quite large. We have launched a new stadium tent. This kind of comprehensive stadium tent has no special requirements for the construction site. It can be quickly disassembled in a short time. Generally, it will be completed within a few days, which greatly shortens the construction period and will save you a lot of cost.

Stadium Tent

Stadium Tent

Stadium Tent

modular design

The stadium tent adopts a modular design. Tents range from 3 to 60 meters, and the length can be extended or shortened as needed. This shows that the stadium tent is more user-friendly and user-friendly, and can meet the needs of almost any type of stadium. In addition, there are no pillars inside the tent, so the spacious and unimpeded activity space can easily solve the layout of various sports facilities.

high strength

In addition, the stadium tent adopts a high-strength aluminum alloy tent frame, which can withstand outdoor 8 to 10 strong winds. The sides can use glass walls or PVC tarpaulins, while the roof is transparent, or opaque, waterproof and flame-retardant PVC fabric. This tent allows athletes to exercise at any time of the year. Additionally, logos and custom graphics can be printed on the fabric to help people differentiate the various venues. To make the stadium tent suitable for all seasons, you can install air conditioners, heaters, generators, lighting systems and other accessories in the stadium tent.


Different types of tents can also be used as venues for different functions. For example, A-frame tents for indoor basketball courts, dome tents for indoor badminton courts, polygonal top tents for volleyball courts, curved tents for indoor football courts, and geodesic dome tents for ice hockey arenas. Using one type of stadium tent for one sport will make it easier for people to distinguish the function of the venue.

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