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swimming pool tent cover for sale

date 2023-02-03
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swimming pool tent cover

Swimming pools are ideal for summer sports, and outdoor swimming pools are susceptible to weather and temperature and cannot be used all the time. With KENTEN swimming pool tent cover, it can not only become an indoor swimming pool without affecting the original outdoor swimming pool, but also extend your swimming season, you can enjoy sports in the swimming pool no matter what the weather is.

The swimming pool tent cover produced by KENTEN adopts a modular design and is prefabricated before being installed on site. Construction can usually be completed or removed in just a few days. The swimming pool tent adopts aluminum alloy frame tent structure

swimming pool tent

swimming pool tent

modular design

The pool tent cover can be used on standard 25×50 swimming pools without the need for additional poles in between. Thanks to the modular design, the width varies from 10m to 80m and the length is unlimited. It's suitable for swimming pools of all sizes and shapes, as well as many places like backyards and schools. The height of the pool tent is 4-8 meters, and there are a variety of roof shapes to choose from.

Common spans are 20m, 30m, 40m

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