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Curved Roof Tent For Sale

date 2022-10-13
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The Curved Roof Tent is one of the newest products in our tent series, more and more customers love this tent for its special and elegant "heart" shape.

There are 3 types of arc tent series. These include CBT (spans from 15m to 25m with a main profile size of 204x120x4mm), CEBT (spans from 15m to 30m with a main profile size of 256x121x5mm) and CTH (spans from 20m to 40m with a main profile size of 256x121x5mm) 300x125x5/8 mm).

The curved roof tent series is a modular structure. We can increase or decrease the bay distance of 5m according to customer's requirements. The main frame (upright supports and roof rails) is made of high pressure extruded anodized aluminium (6061/T6), the double-sided PVC roof cover uses PVC coated polyester fabric. flame retardancy

The curved roof tent is designed to be very durable and strong with a wind load of 100kg/hour. It is convenient and easy to set up and remove. Due to its small size, it is easy to store. The tent has a wide range of applications in aircraft hangars. Whether you want to build a temporary or permanent tent, both are excellent options. This type of structure is superior due to its quick installation, disassembly and transportation as well as its strength and safety. Thanks to the aluminum alloy curve design of the high beam and the perfect extension system, it makes the tent able to resist heavy wind and snow.

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