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Custom Storage Tent for Sale

date 2022-10-12
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In order to solve the problem of storage and relocation, Kenten redesigned the traditional storage building and transformed it into a temporary storage building that can be quickly dismantled, relocated and reused, solving the problems of difficult expansion and relocation. manage.

As a temporary building, the advantages of temporary storage buildings are: design specifications, interchangeable structures, infinite extension or shortening. Using these advantages, companies can make the most of every space and build it for free.

Advantages of temporary storage buildings:

Build and scale quickly;

save time and cost;

easy to move;

Customized models and features;

100% reusable.

Additional features:

We can also provide ancillary facilities such as windows, air conditioners, exhaust fans, lights, drainage systems, and crash columns for customers to choose from. The new temporary warehouse can also be used for temporary workshops or hangars. Focusing on safety and practicality, it is not easily affected by weather and can be used for 20 years.

Custom Storage Tent for Sale

Custom Storage Tent for Sale

Custom Storage Tent for Sale

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