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How many tables can fit in a 20×40 tent?

date 2022-10-11
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The 20×40 meter tents produced by KENTEN are widely used in weddings, parties, exhibitions and various small and medium-sized events.

How many people can a 20×40 tent accommodate?

For weddings, we usually calculate the area of 1.2 square meters per person, so a 20×40 tent can accommodate about 600-700 people. If you arrange a table for ten people, about 60-70 tables are needed, then the average area of each table is about 1.3 square meters, and the diameter of the table is about 1.3 meters.

So when we buy a 20x40m tent, we roughly know how many tables to buy now. If we are not sure about the layout of the tent, then we can follow the general layout scheme above, which is the best way to stabilize.

20×40 tent

20×40 tent

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