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Arch Double Decker Tent for Sale

date 2022-09-30
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Arch Double Decker Tent

Arcum two-layer tent flame retardant material adopts reinforced aluminum alloy 6061/T6 extruded profile, surface anodized, top cover and side walls are 850g/m2 PVC coated polyester textile flame retardant, floor structure support adopts our high quality Wooden beams, the second-floor system adopts 28mm thick waterproof plywood. The double-layer tent is always strong and durable, resistant to wind speeds of 100km/h. With curved beam and roof rod tensioning system to help resist higher wind speed and snow load capacity.

The curved two-story tent has a beautiful appearance, a thin line roof with curved spires, and no poles inside the frame tent structure, making it more spacious than other pole tents or steel tent designs. This structure helps it become a premium venue for events such as golf, horse racing, motor racing, and more.

There are many accessories for the two-story vault tent. These accessories are aluminum stairs, curtains, glass wall systems, ABS hard wall systems, sandwich wall systems, steel sheet wall systems, glass doors, sliding doors, electric roller shutter door systems, transparent roof covers and side walls and floors inside and outside the tent.

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