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KENTEN Industrial Tents

date 2022-09-22
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KENTEN industrial tents are available in custom sizes according to the site. It will save you a lot of time. Made of high-quality materials, industrial tents can withstand harsh weather. Strong enough to withstand high winds and heavy rain. Aluminum alloy tent frames are designed to carry more weight with lighter materials. Thus making it ideal for temporary or semi-permanent factories and warehouses.

The main advantage of the industrial tent is its modular design, which can create different functional areas through different combinations to fully meet various actual needs. Its various fixing methods can adapt to different ground environments without causing ecological damage, thus greatly avoiding the trouble of construction waste and construction noise, and realizing green storage.

meet individual needs

The appearance of the industrial tent can be customized according to the existing site, with strong practicability and flexible regional management.

Fast construction and cost saving

KENTEN Industrial Tents


highly flexible

In addition to factories, industrial tents also solve various storage problems and effectively replace permanent buildings. Temporary (semi-permanent) warehouses can be built quickly and efficiently in just a few days, doubling the efficiency.

Airport Solutions

Increase infrastructure, from fully functional terminals to baggage handling and storage facilities, to expand airport capacity.

Port Solutions

It is important to have storage space in ports, docks and seaports. Modular custom storage and transfer tents can be quickly built, making reasonable use of every inch of open space and increasing practical space.

Agricultural Solutions

Whether it is storage problems or housing needs, industrial tents can be quickly realized and put into use. There are few requirements on the ground, and the tent can be built in any position, which is a good choice to replace traditional buildings.

Logistics Solutions

Logistics companies are facing the problem of expansion. Industrial tents can freely expand space capacity, increase logistics lines, expand tent area infinitely, and solve expansion problems.

Engineering solution: A project site needs a lot of space to meet the needs of office, storage, housing, etc. Not only can industrial tents be assembled quickly, they also offer multi-storey construction options, creating a spacious, safe, and well-appointed work environment.

Ensure safety and resolve staging issues

The truss system of semi-permanent aluminum alloy warehouse tents can be used for more than 20 years. Sandwich panel walls can adapt to extremely cold temperatures of –10°C. The unique inflatable roof design has the advantages of anti-ultraviolet, anti-mildew, waterproof, anti-snow load, etc., and can achieve higher safety performance, thereby realizing an integrated new storage space to meet the storage needs of enterprises.

KENTEN provides you with exclusive industrial tent structure, one-to-one custom design service!

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