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Summer outdoor activity venue layout plan

date 2022-07-19
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How to host the perfect outdoor event? The golden partner of outdoor activities is the activity tent. The event tent not only adds beauty to the event, but also allows the event to be held smoothly.

kenten event tents

kenten event tents

The mobile tent can be made in different sizes according to the size of the event. There is no column inside the mobile tent, and the internal environment can be arranged according to the customer's requirements. The mobile tent can also provide a series of supporting equipment such as lighting, air conditioning, tables and chairs, and sofas.

There are 2 groups of 10*25m herringbone tents and 5*5m spire tents, air conditioners are installed around the tents, and the weather is not afraid of hot weather. The event tent is so beautiful under the blue sky and white clouds.

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