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Warehouse tents easily solve storage space problems

KENTEN provides customized warehouse tents. Whether you need a permanent building for industrial applications or a temporary building as your business grows, warehouse tents provide you with the ideal solution. KENTEN warehouse tents provide flexible space for enterprises during off-peak seasons and flexible site distribution, avoiding increased costs such as space due to production needs.

Warehouse tents

Warehouse tents do not require a permanent foundation and can be built on any ground. Since they require less basic conditions, the cost is low, and maintenance is simple and cheap.

The KENTEN warehouse tent building adopts a modular design, which provides a good foundation for the integration of warehouse tents and can be completely customized according to your needs for industrial application buildings.

Warehouse tents

The length of the warehouse structure can be infinitely spliced. There is no need for any load-bearing pillars inside the tent.

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