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Large gym sports tent for sale
KENTEN Tent provide wide range of tent products for sports venues such as indoor sports field hall and sports arena tent. We offer affordable solutions for indoor sports of all kinds, whether it is tennis, football, badminton, basketball, swimming pool or other sports.
Sports Tents For Sale
The KENTEN sports tent ​has a flexible installation structure, which is easy to disassemble and install, and can be set up in just one to two weeks.
KENTEN sports tents can be used for various sports activities
KENTEN sports tent canopies for multipurpose sports, enabling year-round use for a wide range of sporting activities.
KENTEN SPORTS TENT is specifically designed for indoor sports
KENTEN SPORTS TENT is specifically designed for indoor sports. Its large open space and dual-slope shape will delight fans of tennis
The most common applications for KENTEN sports tents
Tennis,Badminton & squash,Multisport playground,Team sports,Football
KENTEN SPORTS TENT can be used to build gyms and stadiums
At only a fraction of the investment and building time of a regular building, we can provide you with either a sports courtyard, to cover a bowling alley for instance, or a full-fledged sports hall or stadium
Specialist marquees for ice rinks
If you’re looking for eye catching and practical structures for your ice rink, we have ideal solutions for you.
Prefabricated indoor sports tent for sale
Indoor sports tents can be used for sports in indoor venues with complete sports facilities and not affected by wind and rain.
We provide flexible, fast and tailor-made sports tents
If you choose to use our prefabricated tents, we can deliver within a few weeks a new stadium that is tailored to the end user's every need and ready to use.
Sports tents are suitable for a variety of sports occasions
There are many types of sports tents, such as common basketball court tents, badminton tents, swimming pool tents, tennis court tents, etc.
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