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100 seat Outdoor Transparent PartyTent - Guangzhou Nansha
The 100-seat temporary party tent adopts a modular design, which is characterized by short construction period, low cost and mobility. Moreover, the temporary event tent does not have high requirements on the site, whether it is grass, sand, or cement, it can be flexibly Build and easily solve the problem of outdoor party venues.
Large event tent in HongKong
Our large outdoor event tent 30×70m structure tent was set up within 24 hours for the AUDI new car launch event.
Event tent for new car conference 10x40m
10x40m white large outdoor exhibition tent is often used in car conferences, commercial performances, parties and other occasions
The 31st China Home Appliances Fair - Type A Tent
In order to accommodate this event, KENTEN built a large A-shaped event tent at the venue of Zhongshan Huangpu International Convention and Exhibition Center.
KENTEN F1 Project Case Event Tent
This F1 event project is in Miami, USA, 2022. All tents were produced and installed by KENTEN.
15x35x5m Tent for Jiangxi Food Festival
Festival event tents are a common sight at outdoor music festivals, arts and culture events, and other large-scale gatherings.
10m and 15m Ford car test drive event tent
This event uses KENTEN A-type tent
2020 FRIENDSHIP FASHION FESTIVAL - 20m span black event tent
Another benefit of a black event tent is its sophisticated appearance. The black color gives the tent a sleek and modern look that is ideal for upscale events.
15×15×5m event tent in Guangzhou University Town
we will discuss two A-type event tents that were built in Guangzhou University City: one with dimensions of 20×30×5 meters and another with dimensions of 15×15×5 meters
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