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KENTEN product range of high quality, temporary structures
The KENTEN product range of high quality, temporary structures and semi permanent structures includes marquee systems for every occasion
Pagoda Temporary Structures Tent
Available in 3m, 5m and 6m square, they will fit into the majority of spaces and are ideal if you have a venue with an unusual layout.
We also offer flexible warehousing solutions
Whether you have a need for a short-term production and manufacturing space or require onsite workshops, warehouses or accommodation, our diverse range of semi-permanent and temporary structures provide for mobile real estate of the most adaptable kind!
What are the advantages of basketball court tents?
Basketball court tents can be erected quickly, with low cost and high efficiency, which is one of the main advantages of this type of temporary structure.
Top Tent Systems and Structures for Events
Are you looking for tent systems or temporary structures specially designed for events? Our modular high quality tents give you endless possibilities
outdoor party tent decorating ideas
The tent adopts a modular structure design, which not only quickly solves the difficulties on site, but also provides a fully functional temporary structure.
Construction of temporary facilities for sports venues.
It is an honor to serve the Asian Games again. We provide temporary facilities and temporary structure tents for the Asian Games.
Temporary Pavilion Construction
The temporary exhibition hall covers an area of 20,000 square meters, covering application fields such as education, medical care, industry, aviation, sports
Temporary tent structure for outdoor events
KENTEN Structure has provided temporary event tents for various business activities of enterprises, such as: new car shows, fashion shows, real estate conferences, etc.
temporary building structure for events
The interior of a temporary building structure for events can be customized to meet specific needs and preferences
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