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Our range includes striking event structures
Our range includes striking event structures, industrial and commercial temporary buildings
Industrial & Commercial buildings
Our industrial and commercial temporary buildings are the ideal solution to quickly expand on-site storage, operational or retail space with an economical, durable and functional warehouse building.
Temporary Buildings. Built to Last.
KENTEN brings to market a range of high quality temporary buildings to provide cost effective turnkey solutions for industrial use whether that be temporary warehousing & storage, logistic canopies, emergency cover and much more.
Industrial Storage Canopy | Warehouse Canopy
fabric temporary buildings have become a popular space solution that can solve customer needs while avoiding the limitation of construction land, becoming the first choice to replace traditional buildings.
Industrial tents solve the problem that enterprises urgently need storage space
Industrial tents are movable temporary buildings and semi-permanent structures, which are widely used in logistics storage and production workshops.
Exhibition Tent: The Perfect Solution for Temporary Buildings
​Temporary buildings play an increasingly important role in modern commercial activities. From exhibitions, conventions, sales demonstrations to concerts and sports events
Quickly erected temporary buildings - warehouse tents
Warehouse tents are temporary buildings that can be quickly erected. KENTEN tents use high-strength aluminum alloy frames during production.
Analysis of application scenarios and advantages of temporary buildings
Temporary buildings are architectural solutions designed for short-term rather than long-term use. These structures are typically manufactured off-site, often in specialized factories, and are composed of modular components.
event tents have become the best choice for temporary buildings for outdoor activities.
The usage rate of event tents is increasing, and they play a big role in various activities, with unique configurations and unique designs.
Advantages and disadvantages of transparent tents
The flexibility of transparent tents makes them the first choice for temporary buildings. Whether it is an exhibition, outdoor event or commercial venue
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