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Negative pressure 3D and lighting projection dome
Negative pressure 3D and lighting projection dome, this is an art space created by the combination of lighting and technology.
Large wedding tent for sale for 300 guests
wedding tent Functional Characteristics: economical and flexible, convenient to set up and disassemble, a safe and stable, large area of space
Arcum tent is a stylish tent structure
Arcum tents consist of a strong aluminum alloy frame and a PVC cover. It is easy to install and remove for easy storage and transportation. Arcum tents have a sleek structure and more interior space than A-frame tents.
The 2-story tent is on the same area, expanding the area of the space
When the field area is limited, the multi-functional Two storey tent can expand the area of the activity space and give athletes a comfortable rest environment.
What are the advantages of the storage tent space?
The storage space provided by KENTEN effectively solves the storage problem of goods and provides you with more practical storage space.
Our modular structure allows us to customize storage spaces
Our structures give you permanent flexibility. They can last for decades (or even indefinitely with proper maintenance), can be easily expanded or reduced in size, or adapted for other uses.
8m storage tent sales
As an outdoor temporary warehouse tent, the 8-meter warehouse tent has a strong operating space from transportation, assembly, installation, modification to disassembly.
25m Event Tent for Car Show
Outdoor car show event tents, because it can not only save costs, but also solve the phenomenon of insufficient space. The event tent has become one of the necessary equipment now.
Geodesic Dome Projection For Sale
Among our recent geodesic dome tent projects, the 360 projection dome is the most representative. Geodesic dome tents have the advantage of large space and have unparalleled advantages in projection.
How to Choose the Right Exhibition Tent for Your Event
An exhibition tent is the perfect choice for various exhibitions, displays, and commercial events. It provides a flexible space arrangement and a customized exterior design, as well as the ability to adapt to different climates and terrains. Before choosing an exhibition tent, there are several factors to consider:
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