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Tent storage requirements for building ground
Tent storage has the advantages of strong load-bearing capacity, good waterproof performance, quick disassembly and installation, and low cost.
What are the characteristics of a qualified storage tent?
more factories and enterprises choose storage tents instead of warehouses to store and protect goods. But when choosing a storage tent, what characteristics should a qualified storage tent have?
Storage Tent Safety Instructions
Storage is one of the most important uses of tents, but many customers have a question, is it safe to use tents as storage?
Precautions for disassembly of storage tents
Disassembly requires certain professional skills, and several points should be paid attention to when disassembling.
How to choose the size and specification of storage tents
​Now many small and medium-sized enterprises use storage tents. This kind of temporary space is to help you solve storage problems and help you tide over difficulties
Compared with traditional buildings, storage tents have advantages in construction speed and cost
The modular construction method adopted by industrial tents can greatly reduce the construction cycle and help enterprises solve storage-related problems in a timely manner.
Average service life of industrial storage tents
Nowadays, the service life of industrial tents produced by many tent manufacturers in the market can reach more than 20 years, or even longer.
The storage tent is a short-term solution to the storage problem of the enterprise
The storage tent produced by KENTEN is a large-scale clear span structure with a span ranging from 10m to 60m. There is no pillar in the middle
Environmentally friendly and energy-saving storage tents: sustainable storage options
Tent is a multi-functional and flexible storage solution, with the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, becoming a sustainable storage choice.
Commercial Storage Tents: The Perfect Solution for Your Business Needs
When it comes to finding storage solutions for your business, commercial storage tents are a cost-effective and flexible option.
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