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Kenten Expo Group Ltd (Guangzhou) Main Products:Structure Tent,Igloo Tent,Dome Tent,Curved Tent,Pagoda Tent
Representative tent cases of KENTEN
KENTEN Main Products:Structure Tent,Igloo Tent,Dome Tent,Curved Tent,Pagoda Tent,high quality exhibition event tent
Common tent classifications on the market are as follows
Common tents on the market include wedding tent , warehouse tent ,pagoda tent ,igloo tent , dome tent , curve tent , arcum tent ,polygon tent , double decker tent
Concert, outdoor stage tent solution
The Igloo is an ideal structure to host events that require staging. Large, clear-span widths of up to 40 metres and almost unlimited length means huge audiences can be easily accommodated.
3m and 4m Domes for the backyard greenhouse, sunroom, and transparent garden igloo
Many customers like to choose to buy a clear 3m or 4m dome and put it in the garden or backyard as a rest area, a small greenhouse, or grow house.
All of a sudden, the igloo tent just became one of our hot sales recently.
KENTEN can customize it and provides the best suitable tent/structure for you, and help you to have more success in your projects
Igloo Dome Tent: A Unique Option for Your Outdoor Event
One of the benefits of the Igloo Dome Tent is its versatility. Whether you are hosting a wedding, corporate event, or music festival, the tent can be customized to fit your specific needs.
Igloo tent |Main Features & Benefits
The Igloo Tent has good acoustics and is suitable for gigs and concerts.
Large structure tent is being installed
Large structure tents are used to hold various types of activities, such as exhibitions, conferences, weddings, celebrations, sports events, etc.
igloo would be a wise choice for you
If you want to host a concert, a music festival, a wedding, etc, then an igloo would be a wise choice for you.
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