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KENTEN A Structure Tent For Sale
The KENTEN A Structure Tent clear span aluminium construction available in widths of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 or 60metres
KENTEN sports structure tents are suitable for badminton, basketball, volleyball, football, tennis and other occasions
Choosing a sports structure from KENTEN offers significant cost savings over a more traditional build along with short manufacturing and build times
Structure tents are ideal for weddings, disaster relief, long-term installations or climate-controlled events
Structure tents resemble a more permanent structure as the fabric of the tent is supported by rigid frames instead of poles.
KENTEN product range of high quality, temporary structures
The KENTEN product range of high quality, temporary structures and semi permanent structures includes marquee systems for every occasion
Structure Tents PVC-coated polyester textile material Packing
KENTEN Tent-Professional Tent Manufacturer in China,Our tent products are made of PVC coated polyester textile material
Structure Tents Product processing was completed. It's time to deliver!
Our production is strictly by international safety standards, using hard-pressed extruded aluminum alloy and the tent's PVC fabric fully meets the Flame retardant standards of B1 (China), M2 (France), DIN4102/B1 (Germany), and NFP92503 (USA).
KENTEN modular structure tent span width, length and height can be customized
KENTEN Structure Tents are a good choice if you’re looking for classic shapes and modular design. KENTEN Tent span widths, lengths and heights of the tents are adaptable
Packaging details. big truss profile structure tent ready to ship
Structural tent product loading.big truss profile which wind resistance up to 143 mph wind speeds.Packaging details
Large Marquees are contemporary, multi-functional structures tent
KENTEN Large Marquees are contemporary, multi-functional structures tent that are particularly suitable for large events and venues looking to expand their event space on a short or long-term basis.
Custom Structure Tent
From simple extensions to multi-layer structures, we can meet customer requirements regardless of size or shape.
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