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Beijing Olympic Game 2008
KENTEN, as the supplier of the tent for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Venues, has provided various kinds of security tent with different specifications and colors for the Beijing Olympic Games
50m Big Structure Tent in Foshan
The main Halls of this exhibition are 5 halls of big structure tents, each over 3,200 square meters, 4 sets of 50×65m×6m and 1 set of 30×105m×8m KENTEN clear span tent.
Chinese New Year Carnival - Security check tent
In this emergent time, Kenten finished 100,000 square feet tents within only 24 hours to keep passenger out of the coldness and anxiety.
AUDI new car launch event
KENTEN’s 30×70m outdoor modular structure tent for AUDI new car launch event.
Worldwide Skills Competition
KENTEN has set up 1 set of 30×65m structure tent with 8m eave height and 13m ridge height for the competition. Other huge tents such as 1 set of 50×75×6m, 1 set of 40×130×6m and 30×45×6m structure tent are also provided.
Spring Festival in Guangzhou 2018
KENTEN provides special designed structure tent for this grand event as temporary stand during the past ten years. All structure tents over 20, 000sqm will be set up within 5 days but to be removed overnight!
THE 11th China (Guangzhou) International Financie Expo - Exhibition tent case
KENTEN provides A Frame Tent security check tents for the multi-entrance of this expo
2022 Guangzhou Custom Furniture Exhibition - KENTEN Security Check Tent
From June 23rd to 25th, as the first home furnishing event in 2022, this exhibition has attracted much attention. KENTEN provides A-type security inspection tents for this exhibition.
500 people capacity big tent wedding tent - Zhongshan wedding case
KENTEN 500 people outdoor wedding party tent marquee with beautiful decoration roof lining and curtains on the grassy land
2017 China Guangzhou Baiyun Auto Show Tent
KENTEN can customize car exhibition tents according to customer needs, make a variety of renderings for customers to choose, and provide customers with more ideal solutions.
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