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Development Events of KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES Tent Company-National Emerging Enterprise

Only a handful of tent companies have been recognized as “National Emerging Enterprise”. On December 11, 2017, Guangzhou KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES Tent received the honorary certificate of “National Emerging Enterprise”.   Requirements for national emerging enterprise recognition   High-tech enterprises refer to the development of new fields through science and technology or scientific inventions, or […]

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES tent instructions on the installation of the 2017 CHINA-ASEAN Exposition

(1) Project overview CHINA-ASEAN Exposition is referred to as CAEXPO. proposed by Wen Jiabao, the former Premier of the State Council of China, co-sponsored by the economic and trade authorities of China and the 10 ASEAN countries and the ASEAN Secretariat, a national and international economic and trade exchange event hosted by the People’s Government […]

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES Safety regulations for working at height

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES All safety tools used in high-altitude operations should be regularly inspected and tested according to the provisions of Table 14-2 Inspection and testing standards for tools used in high-altitude operations Name Test static tension(Kn)Test period (Month)Appearance inspection cycle(Month) Test time(mim) 2.25                    6                 1           5 seat belt 1 Foot buckle 1.8 […]

General Rules for Safety Measures for KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES tent

Over the past two decades,KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES has been active in large-scale events and exhibition markets throughout the country. It is familiar with the relevant policies of the event organization, the approval process and the display of major event venues.If necessary, we will formulate a complete plan for security, fire protection, water and electricity installation, […]

Material transportation and inspection of KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES tent

The materials of the KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES tent production plant have been carefully selected to strictly control the tent production process to ensure the quality of the tent products delivered to customer.   The tent quality inspector and material staff must check the integrity and quantity of each structural member before the goods leave the […]

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES industrial warehouse tents are well received by customer

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES large industrial warehouse tents have many advantages. It can be used as a temporary or long-term warehouse. It is also suitable for the construction of special engineering projects.KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES industrial warehouse tents can meet the different needs of various customers for warehouses. KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES Industrial warehouse tents can make a […]

Division of Labor and Responsibilities of safety production Management Organization of KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES

(1)The general manager is the main person in charge of the company’s safety production.   (2)in charge of safety production is the person directly responsible for safety production, and assists the general manager to be specifically responsible for the safety production management of KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES.   (3)The safety production department is our Full-time management […]

Responsibilities of the director in KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES construction department

1.Our goal is Safety and prevention first. Every process need according to the safety precautions . Contact with technology department to calculate the raw material,Check the construction process,Strategize the building project and negotiate with relevant workers. 2.KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES installation staff need to be familiar with the tent construction drawings,Compile various construction organization design plans […]

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES Service purposes-Customers are always right

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES Service purposes are not slogan, no matter at any time, any place, any problem occurs, the wrong party can always be the factory, and never the customer, regardless of whether the matter appears to be the customer’s fault. Without putting the customer first, that won’t work. 1.KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES have two principles […]


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