Structure Tent for Outdoor Guangzhou Spring Flower Fair

Guangzhou Spring Flower Fair is a local traditional folk culture event in Guangdong Province, a carnival for Guangzhou people. The annual Spring Festival flower market is full of flowers and people, and it is very lively. As one of the “four major fairs in Guangdong” in the Ming Dynasty, Guangzhou Spring Flower Fair has long been famous.

Guangzhou Spring Flower Fair is a unique folk landscape in China. It not only presents the traditional Chinese New Year customs of the people in the Lingnan area, but also closely related to the life of the people of Guangzhou. The Spring Festival has integrated the tradition of “speaking the head” of Guangzhou people, thus forming its own unique flower language.

KENTEN provides special designed structure tent for this grand event as temporary stand during the past ten years. All structure tents over 20, 000sqm will be set up within 5 days but to be removed overnight! This is really a challenge! Thanks to the hard working of KENTEN staff, the job is finished professionally every year.

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