Outdoor Modular Structure Tent for Events

Structure tent is getting more and more popular for outdoor events. There are a lot of advantages of this modular structure tent. For example, 1. The space covered by the tent could be 100% using without supporting beams inside, 2. Modular and extendable, usually used as an add-on into the basic structures, allowing for customized arrangements upon client’s requests, 3. Easy set-up and take-down, designed for convenient transportation, meeting the current ASCE7-10 requirements. A single team can set up anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 square meters of the tent within 24 hours. 4. Weather Protection, protect your events against bad weather conditions in rainy, snowy, or windy days.

The photos are KENTEN’s 30×70m outdoor modular structure tent for AUDI new car launch event. Due to the high expense for court booking at HK central, we had limited 16 hours to finish the frame and PVC roof and sidewalls assembling. Also, large concrete block was used for weighting the tent along the sea shore. Brand-new PVC covers well illustrated the theme of the event “A Symphony of Luxury”.

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