About Event Tents in Spring-crush

As all knows, China became one of the powerful economic engines in the world with arising over last 30 years.  Along with outstanding economic development, the transportation demand was growing up very fast, Chinese transportation population reaching the peak of 10 billion in 2015.

Guangzhou railway station is one important center in the downtown area for both business and transportation, thousands of passengers leaving and arriving by train every day.  When Chinese New Year holiday comes, Spring-crush, a special word to describe this rush time of transportation over 3 billion passengers travelling in 30 days.

Kenten event tents of 2,000,000 square feet span width ranging from 6m to 40m are widely used in Spring-crush on railway stations in GuangDong province over 10 years.  KENTEN supported Spring-crush of GuangShen Railway Co. and got good reputations and commends for high-efficiency service.  Besides of tents for ticket-check, security-check and passenger waiting area, Kenten also supplied steel barriers, video monitor system, LED display panels.

In the Spring-crush time, any unexpected situation might happen such as bad weather.  In Spring-crush 2016, Guangzhou met extremely cold and bad rainy weather.  On Jan 24, Guangzhou even had a snow for the 1st time since 1920s.  Over 150 thousands passengers blocked and exposed in heavy cold rain on the railway station for this extreme bad weather.  In this emergent time, Kenten finished 100,000 square feet tents within only 24 hours to keep passenger out of the coldness and anxiety.  The flexibility and quick response ability of Kenten gets highly rewarded by leaders of local government and the railway Co.

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