50m Big Structure Tent For Large Exhibitions In China

Along the peaceful Pearl River in Foshan, 40,000 square meters big structure tents are erected for the 2nd World Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Industry Exhibition.  The main Halls of this exhibition are 5 halls of big structure tents, each over 3,200 square meters, 4 sets of 50×65m×6m and 1 set of 30×105m×8m KENTEN clear span tent.

As a leading structure tent manufacturer in Guangzhou China, KENTEN fulfill all jobs, including tents, lighting, carpets and floorings, air conditioners and CCTV within 2 weeks. We make a new product for this exhibition, a span new 30m width and 8m eave height thermal roof double deck tent as the main entrance of the exhibition.

On the site, the exhibition host gives highly recommends on these glorious tents, which increase the halls as the best ones. As new site of this world wide exhibition in Foshan for the 1st time, the organizer set more highly regulations and requests to every details in processing the preparation.  KENTEN has a 8-person team to response all requests and handle any issue at the first time.

Although the Chinese economy increased slowly in recent years, event and exhibition business is growing fast as before, so the demand of big halls, as 40m, 50m and even 60m width tents are used in more high-class, large-scale events and exhibitions yearly.  KENTEN, a leading supplier for structure tent rental and manufacture over 18 years in Guangzhou China, seizes this growing opportunity and supplies big tents span width 40m, 50m and 60m.

Bigger, brings not only more opportunity and also more possibility.

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