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highquality industrial warehouse tent for sale

KENTEN Temporary warehouse structures provide industrial tents for use as industrial warehouse storage.

highquality industrial warehouse tent  for sale

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The size of the industrial warehouse tent can be customized according to the site, and the span of 3-80 meters can be achieved.

highquality industrial warehouse tent

The conventional shapes of storage tents are A-shaped, arc-shaped, peach-shaped, polygonal, etc., and can also be customized in a variety of styles.


4 channels, Hard pressed extruded aluminium alloy 6061/T6,Surface Anodized Finish,Anti rust

Wind Resistance


Fixing Solution

Ground anchor, expandable bolt, weight plate, etc.

Service Life

More than 15 years

Applicable temperature range

-30 degree Celsius ~ +70 degree Celsius

Side Wall

White color, PVC-coated Polyester, Translucent, water proof, 650g/m². Flame retardant
PVC walls,glass wall,ABS wall,etc.

Ground Situation

Grassland,earth land,asphalt,cement ground,marble,etc

Roof Cover

White color, PVC-coated Polyester, Opaque, water proof, 850g/m².Flame retardant


Hot-dip galvanized twin plate;expansion bolts to fix tent

 industrial warehouse tent    

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