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Part 1 Safety precautions,installation preparations, tools and required materials

First of all, please understand this high-quality Jianting movable tent. The following instructions will help you build a tent correctly, quickly and safely. Please read it carefully.

We believe that you will be able to build successfully after referring to the following tent building instructions.

Safety Precautions

  1. One person is responsible for the whole process of building the tent. In addition, a team of fifteen to twenty people will help him.
  2. All staff participating in the construction must wear safety helmets.
  3. The construction site should be completely isolated, except for construction personnel, no one else is allowed to enter the construction site.
  4. Before the construction, safety instructions must be given to the construction workers; aluminum alloy and steel parts are heavy, which may cause bodily injury during construction, so remember to be careful.
  5. If you find any damage to aluminum alloy or steel parts during use, or something you don’t understand during construction, please contact us in time to avoid damage, otherwise you will be responsible for all consequences.
  6. Please confirm that there are no water pipes and wires (for example, natural gas pipes, water pipes, wires, telephone lines, etc.) at the construction site to avoid affecting the construction.
  7. Please confirm that when the steel is drilled down the pile, it will not cause any damage to the underground pipes and wires. If you do not have relevant drawings to know the specific location of underground water pipes and wires, please contact the relevant department.
  8. The local accident prevention rules and measures also apply.
  9. Keep a safe distance between wires and wires when install a tent.
  10. The installation of wires or any electrical appliances inside the tent must strictly implement various electrician operating procedures.

11.Safety must be ensured at the installstion site of the tent to prevent injury to the sick. If the installstion work do for several days, corresponding safety measures should be offered at night.

12.How to fix the structure frame and the ground when the tent is installed: fix it with 12 cm expansion screws on a solid concrete floor with a thickness of 15 cm or more; on grass, asphalt ground (or loose ground), please use 90 cm steel to fix it .

13.During the completion or installation of the tent, in case of severe weather—specifically: the hail predicted by the weather forecast, the wind is greater than 60 km/h (wind of category 6 or greater than 6), and the thickness of snow is more than 3 cm, you need to clean up all the snow on the roof of the tent at any time; in case of strong winds of level 6 and above, all the tents (roof, triangle, side wall) must be removed.

14.The relevant regulations for the installation of other temporary buildings can be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the local government authority.

15.If there are other special circumstances, please feel free to consult the manufacturer.

Preparatory work for tent installation

When install, the building site should be measured and cleaned up first. The height error range of the site should not be greater than 5 cm (because this will affect the safety performance of the tent structure), the minimum length of the construction site for the Jianting Multiflex 21x60M tent you purchased should be 30 meters, and the minimum width should be 30 meters. Check various tools and other materials to ensure that they are in good condition.

Tools and materials needed to install a tent


Movable wrenches, fork rods, trailer straps, pull ropes, hammers, nail removers (only required when using steel drills to fix the tent and need to be disassembled), climbing ladders, electric hammers (for steel drills or expansion screws).

This description can be used in installation with other content and illustrations at different stages of construction.

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURE wishes you a quick and convenient construction success.



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