Development trend of marquee tent

January 14 2020 0Comment

The marquee tents are generally considered to be used for camping. However, in fact, they have a wide range of applications in daily life. Compared with traditional tents, the aluminum alloy frame tents have effectively expanded the indoor space. Since the pillars are made of aluminum alloy, the quality and safety are highly guaranteed. Another highlight of this new type of tent is that the tent cover is made of a special PVC-coated material, which is fire retardant, waterproof and UV resistant. What’s more, with higher windproof capacity and load capacity, the aluminum frame tents are also able to keep stable even under strong wind.


Thanks to its easy installation and dismantle, tents of aluminum alloy frames have been widely applied into exhibitions, parties, celebrations, storage and other scenes, becoming a flexible solution for outdoor activities.


Due to the mobility and practicality of the aluminum alloy frame tent, it can be adjusted according to different purposes. We believe that the aluminum alloy marquee tent will become a new trend of tents and be widely used in various activities around the world!



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