Company History

KENTEN has brought in internationally advanced CNC machining equipment, obtained a number of utility model patents, and passed ISO9001: 2008. KENTEN researches, develops and produces different specifications, different appearance of tents (span width from 3 m to 60 m), exhibition equipment, exhibition furniture, exhibition accessories in strict accordance with international standards. Adhering to the “safety, high-quality, elegance” principle, KENTEN provides customization, sales and rental services of tents (Superior Big tent), exhibition equipments, exhibition furniture, exhibition accessories for professional exhibitions, fairs, public relations activities, outdoor weddings, outdoor promotions, festival gatherings, product promotion, festivals (Arts Festival, Oktoberfest, Food Festival, etc.), semi-permanent storage (light prefabricated house) and emergency relief.

KENTEN tents has successfully served 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 MUSCAT Asian Beach Games, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2011 Shenzhen Underside, fifteen years for Guangzhou Food Festival, eleven years for Guangzhou Spring Festival Flower Market, ten years for Peak Transport in the Spring Festival Season and other large exhibitions.

KENTEN Major Projects:

Year Description
2001 2,500m2 for the 9th National Games in Guangdong Olympic Sports Center.
2002 15,000m2 for Guangzhou International Food Festival, for 10 consecutive years.
3,500m2 for Tourism Culture Food Festival.
2003 Large tents 6,000m2 for The Westlake Exposition.
5,500m2 for Qingdao, Xian beer festival.
2004 12,000m2 for the World Cuisine Competition & 18th Guangzhou International Food Festival.
4,600m2 for the 96th Canton Fair.
12,000m2 for Beijing Automobile Exhibition
1,0000m2 for Beijing International Agricultural Exhibition.
2005 5,000m2 outdoor tents for Shanghai F1 World Championship.
9,700m2 for the 97th Spring Canton Fair.
10,000m2 for the 97th Autumn Canton Fair
2006 10,000m2 for events during East Indiaman Gotheborg’s visiting China.
6,000m2 for the 11th Beijing World Junior Championships.
10,000m2 for Guangdong International Tourism Culture Festival. 4,500m2 for Zhuhai International Racing.
2007 30,000m2 for Guangzhou Spring Festival Flower Market, for 11 consecutive years.
10,000m2 for AAITF.
10,000m2 for the 102nd Canton Fair.
2008 8,000m2 Shenzhen F1H2O.
All tents facilities for 32 stadiums in Beijing Olympic Games.
7,740m2 for China International Orchid Show.
2009 9,000m2 for Shenzhen F1H2O.
45,000m2 for waiting tent during Spring Festival Transportation Peak, for 10 consecutive years.
3,500m2 for the 11th National Games.
2,500m2 for Coca Cola Fans Meeting
2010 8,000m2 Qingdao beer festival.
5,000m2 Dalian beer festival.
8,000m2 for Ice and snow world in Beijing National Stadium.
12,000m2 for Oman Asian Beach Games.
3,000m2 for Haining Knitting Expo, for 5 consecutive years.
2011 8,000m2 for Guangzhou SME EXPO.
10,000m2 for Universiade Shenzhen.
2,800m2 for the 11th China Leather Exhibition.
1,800m2 for Beijing Masters.
17,000m2 for the 25th Guangzhou International Food Festival
2012 4,500m2 for Beijing Maters.
8,500m2 Foshan China Ceramics City Development Ltd.
6,000m2 for BWM Tour.
5,000m2 for Jiangmen, Yiwu food festival.
2,000m2 for Shenzhen Venice Oktoberfest
2013 7,000m2 for Shunde Food Festival.
1,200m2 for Taishan Cultural Tourism Expo.
1,800m2 for MITSUBISHI Automobile Co., Ltd. found & ASX Jin Hyun off the assembly line ceremony.
1,000m2 for the 30th International Furniture Fair.
4,000m2 for Jinfeng Chaoshan Food City
2014 20,000 m2 for Shunde International Exposition for Household Electrical Appliances.
5,000m2 for Shantou Real Estate Exhibition.
12,000m2 for China Audio-Visual Exposition.
9,000m2 for Zhuhai Airshow.
4,500m2 for Shenzhen Bicycle Show
2015 21,000m2 for China Agricultural Fair.
12,000m2 for Shangxi Taiyuan Auto Expo.
45,000m2 for railway station waiting room during Spring Festival Transportation Peak.
20,000m2 for Foshan the 2nd World Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Industry Exhibition.
55,00m2 for China International Beauty Expo.
4,800m2 for China Audio-Visual Exposition.
5,700m2 for Shangdong Ceramic Expo.
3,400m2 for Jinjiang Food Exhibition
2016 100,000m2 for railway stations’ security checkpoints and waiting rooms during Spring Festival Transportation Peak.
5,000 m2 for ice rink in Foshan Sports Center.
6,000 m2 for Laos ASEAN Summit.
3,000 m2 for Sanya beach wedding tent.
10,000m2 for Guangzhou Auto Expo
2017 18,000 m2 for Guangzhou International Food Festival.
12,000m2 for Shangxi Taiyuan Auto Expo.
8,000 m2 for Pazhou construction materials exhibition.
1,000 m2 for HK Audi new car launch.
Providing all tents facilities for Fortune Global Forum 2017
2018 100,000m2 for railway stations’ security checkpoints and waiting rooms during Spring Festival Transportation Peak.
20,000m2 for Guangzhou flower market during Spring Festival.
5,000 m2 for Hongkong’s 21st anniversary return celebration.
30,000m2 for Zhongshan Household Electrical Appliances Exhibition.
20,000m2 for Quanzhou Food Fair