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August 14 2018 0Comment

Tent for outdoor tennis court

Tennis sport is getting more and more popular nowadays. Usually this is taking place in the open air in which the bad weather raining or windy days could ruin it. Thanks to the outdoor tennis court tent, the game can be played at any circumstance. KENTEN outdoor tennis court tent is modular structure according to [...]
August 11 2018 0Comment

100 200 300 seater wedding party tent

Wedding party tent has the characteristics of wind resistance, rain protection, sun protection, etc., this allows the wedding to be held at any time on any site. Our 100 200 300 seater wedding party tent can be held in sunny weather and raining weather. Be a sunning weather, it’s more beautiful. Imagine seeing the green [...]
August 11 2018 0Comment

Luxury outdoor 500 seater wedding tent

This luxury outdoor 500 seater wedding tent is set up next to the beautiful beach in Sanya. Waves are whispering not far away under the blue sky. According to the site, our 25×40m clear span tent is recommended for this grand wedding. White roof and 4 sides sidewall liners make it elegant inside out. Flowers [...]
August 11 2018 0Comment

Luxury wedding tent

This luxury wedding tent is for an outdoor romantic wedding. With a small transparent roof tent for food preparing venue, the big 15m span tent is serving for catering tent and wedding venue. Tent accessories such as white roof liner, retro lighting, decoration flowers, tables and chairs are all included for the grand wedding. As [...]
August 11 2018 0Comment

Outdoor wedding party tent

This outdoor wedding party tent is one of our hot sale products. With half clear roof cover and half white PVC covers, you can sit inside the tent, enjoying the daytime sunshine and the evening starlight. Also curved roof is another highlight for this wedding party tent. Our wedding tent ranging from span width 6m [...]
August 09 2018 0Comment

Outdoor industrial warehouse tent

Whether you are looking for temporary workshop or industrial warehouse tent for outdoor, KENTEN will cover you all. Our industrial tents ranging from 10m to 40m span width, with rapid construction speed, the construction period is shortened, and the cost is greatly saved. You can reduce upfront investment and improve capital operation efficiency by choosing [...]
August 09 2018 0Comment

Semi-permanent warehouse tent

These two semi-permanent warehouse tents are set up as additional supplement next to the permanent warehouse structure. Due to the lack of storage space, our client in Germany decides to build these tents for semi-permanent usage. As you see, there is heavy snow during winter time, so we make special adjustments on the roof to [...]
August 09 2018 0Comment

Storage tent for temporary usage

Almost 90% of enterprises are facing the problem of uneven stocks in the off-season season. The traditional reinforced concrete structure seems to be too clumpy to solve the problem of storage capacity adjustment. Until the emergence of storage tents, the problem of the storage capacity of the peak season was solved for many enterprises. KENTEN [...]
August 08 2018 0Comment

Thermo roof tent

Thermo roof tent is a good option for warehouse and outdoor events during winter time. With its inflatable thermo roof, this tent has the advantages of sound and heat proof, water proof and withstanding heavy snow loading. It is widely used in semi-permanent warehouse and storage, outdoor event tent during winter time, auto showroom. Get [...]
August 08 2018 0Comment

Outdoor high peak tent manufacturer

As a leading outdoor high peak tent manufacturer, KENTEN could provide you different sizes of outdoor high peak tents. High peak tent is easy to set up and take down which taking less manpower. It is good option to have one or a couple of high peak tents for small outdoor wedding party. If you [...]