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May 04 2020 0Comment

Responsibilities of the director in KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES construction department

1.Our goal is Safety and prevention first. Every process need according to the safety precautions . Contact with technology department to calculate the raw material,Check the construction process,Strategize the building project and negotiate with relevant workers. 2.KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES installation staff need to be familiar with the tent construction drawings,Compile various construction organization design plans […]

April 23 2020 0Comment

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES Service purposes-Customers are always right

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES Service purposes are not slogan, no matter at any time, any place, any problem occurs, the wrong party can always be the factory, and never the customer, regardless of whether the matter appears to be the customer’s fault. Without putting the customer first, that won’t work. 1.KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES have two principles […]

April 17 2020 0Comment

KENTEN top-curved structure tents have the following four advantages

  KENTEN top-curved structure tents are easy to install and disassemble and the tent can be built in different environments. KENTEN top-curved structure tents use aluminum alloy frame,connected by steel parts,high-frequency welding of PVC tarpaulin,fixed base,and superior mechanical properties. KENTEN can offer the pre-sale ,in-sale and after-sale tracking services,if you have questions,we will give you […]

April 14 2020 0Comment

The technical construction standard of KENTEN tent

1.Tents are a temporary structures,which are meet the current temporary structures standards and requirements. Tents should have the factory certificate documents or relevant test reports.The certificate of conformity need to indicate the size,batch number,manufacturer name,production date,technical verification agency,combustion characteristics and necessary information. 3.The tent’s design,manufacture and installation must ensure the safety of the structure.The functional […]

April 01 2020 0Comment

The notices of KENTEN Tent use

1.Aluminum alloy profile need to maintain a smooth surface and avoid scratches by hard objects. 2.Aluminum alloy generally stacked height shall not exceed 80 cm, otherwise every 1 meter should be placed a sleeper, and every 80 cm high plus a layer of sleeper. 3.When you use the KENTEN TENTS,all aluminum alloy parts cannot be […]

March 26 2020 0Comment

Several issues should pay attention when you using KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES tent.

1.Please carefully read the KENTEN tent’s installation instructions before installing. 2.Avoid sharp objects scratching the tent when you use. 3.After using the KENTEN tent,you should collect all the spare parts for reuse; 4.The load on each bracket during stacking shall not exceed 200KG; 5.The tent should be handled as lightly as possible to prevent damage […]

March 16 2020 0Comment

Emergency treatment during the use of KENTEN tent

Emergency measures: (1).Handling of fire prevention: The tent frame work material is composed of aluminum alloy and steel components, and it is not flammable or combustion-supporting. The tent cover used has a fire resistance rating of B1. When there is a fire, firstly we will check the source of the fire, and use nearby items […]

January 15 2020 0Comment

What are the main structure and accessories of clear span structure tent

Clearspan structure tent, also known as an aluminum marquee tent, is a movable architecture. According to the construction area, they can be categorized as large tents and small tents; Divided from shapes, they are named as pagoda tent, spherical tent, polygon tent, double-deck tent, three-deck tent and curved tent. According to the functions, they can […]

January 14 2020 0Comment

Development trend of marquee tent

The marquee tents are generally considered to be used for camping. However, in fact, they have a wide range of applications in daily life. Compared with traditional tents, the aluminum alloy frame tents have effectively expanded the indoor space. Since the pillars are made of aluminum alloy, the quality and safety are highly guaranteed. Another […]

January 13 2020 0Comment

Advantages of Industrial Storage Marquee Tent

Most production companies in China are facing the problem of uneven stocks in slack and peak seasons, which lead to the trouble of storage capacity adjustment. However, traditional storage of steel or reinforced concrete are also difficult to solve this problem. At present, the emergence of storage marquee tents has brought good news for enterprises […]


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