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August 02 2018 0Comment

25×45m arcum tent for sytner

This 25m x 45m arcum structure tent is the comfortable way to held corporate event. Because of the uneven ground, the cassette floor is built on a substructure which was 1.0m at its highest point. This makes the floor completely level. We also use the entrance with high class carpet on it to create a [...]
August 02 2018 0Comment

30m span width arcum tent with lightings

This 30m big span width arcum tent is made of 8m eave height, surrounding by high quality tempered glass wall and aluminum double wing doors. The inner space is superior with such a height level. The warm white light naturally forms a comfortable atmosphere for the people inside. This beautiful dome tent is great option [...]
August 02 2018 0Comment

Arcum tent for garden marquee and other purposes

The Arcum Tent is innovatively designed on the basis of the A-shpe tent. The curved roof design makes the lines of the entire tent look smoother, warmer, and people can’t help to be inside. The span width ranges from 10m to 60m and the length is unlimited by adding 5m units. The combination could also [...]
August 01 2018 0Comment
Outdoor acrum tent for Sainsbury's

Outdoor acrum tent for Sainsbury’s

A Celebration begins! Over 50,000 people visited the place within 3 days. This event is a true celebration, bespoke branded gable ends, lights and cassette flooring made sure the arcum structure tent is of the highest of quality and able to cope with large numbers of visitors. KENTEN also provides fully branded hospitality areas as [...]
June 07 2018 0Comment

Outdoor Company Event Tent from KENTEN

June 07, 2018 KENTEN provide company event tent for different occasions such as wedding, party, banquet, ceremonies with accessories such lining, lightings, tables and chairs. Below photos are our recent project, providing our happy client with 20m width by 40m lenth aluminum frame tent for company event. This tent is equipped with beautiful white lining, […]

June 05 2018 0Comment

Container loading under warehouse workshop tent for exporting

June 05, 2018 Nice weather in Guangzhou! Today we are loading modular structure tent for North American client in our factory. As you see, this was carrying out under KENTEN’s 20m flat roof warehouse workshop tent. Our warehouse workshop tent is flexible, easy to install and strong to withstand up to 100km/h wind which is […]


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