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September 16 2019 0Comment

Fire Safety Measures in the Process of Tent Construction

1. Tent construction site execution《The People’s Republic of China Fire Regulations》and set warning signs according to national standards. 2. Implement the principle of “who is in charge and who is responsible”, establish a person responsible for fire prevention and control of the tent site, strengthen the fire prevention of on-site personnel, legal education, conduct regular […]

September 11 2019 0Comment

Technical Requirements for Large Event Tent Ground Fixation

1. The installation of tent should be reviewed for the condition of the foundation, if necessary, it should be reinforced, non-destructive reinforcement also should be adopted when there are special requirements on the ground. 2. The fixation on the ground should be calculated or load tested to determine its reliability. 3. Fixing of the tent […]

September 10 2019 0Comment

Measures to Prevent Disturbance in Large Tents

In order to create a quiet living and rest environment for the surrounding residents as as much as possible, it is forbidden to build a night building for the tent. The following measures are taken: 1. Is forbidden to arrange night construction without permission (10 PM to 6 PM the next day); 2. If is […]

September 09 2019 0Comment

Standardized Construction Measures Ensure the Quality of Tent Project

Main Measures to Ensure Construction Quality and Material Quality 1. Establish a project quality management organization in KENTENT. 2. Formulate the responsibilities of the tent construction quality management position. 3. Before the construction, conduct a “quality first, prevention first” education to the professionals who enter the site to improve the quality awareness of the construction […]

September 06 2019 0Comment

Material Preparation Before Tent Building

Tent material requirements PVC trunking and accessories: Sterilized products should be used, the model and specifications should meet the design requirements, inside and outside of the trunking should be smooth and flat, no thorns, no distortion, and other deformation phenomena. Insulated wires used in tent construction: The model and specifications must meet the design requirements, […]

Traffic Passage Requirements for Tent Construction

1. Stacking equipment shall be stacked in accordance with the following regulations: The stacking of equipment shall be in accordance with the location specified in the general layout of the construction site, orderly and neatly arranged, meet the requirements of handling and fire protection. 2. The stacking height or number of layers of the tent […]

Advantage of Structure Tent

  Structure Tents replace the traditional architectural form and meet your various requirements for the building with its excellent performance, such as large span,natural lighting,long life and beautiful appearance.If your needs change, it can be easily moved or expanded.This flexibility is very beneficial in today’s rapid changing environment. Compared with traditional buildings,structure tents show its […]

September 13 2018 0Comment

Mixed party tent for outdoor

Mixed party tent is another ideal option for outdoor events. This tent could be combined A shape with pagoda roof and multi sides as arranged. With clear french windows around; it’s naturally eye-catching structure on the horizon. KENTEN mixed party tent is available in various span width from 3m to 60m. Contact us today to [...]
September 02 2018 0Comment

Outdoor sports tent

Outdoor sports tent is getting popular in modern society. When designing, we can design a unique multi-functional outdoor sports tent according to the customer's ideas and needs. This tent can be designed in various aspects such as appearance, frame and materials to create an extraordinary leisure sports experience. KENTEN outdoor sports tent is using hard [...]


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