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Emergency treatment during the use of KENTEN tent

Emergency measures: (1).Handling of fire prevention: The tent frame work material is composed of aluminum alloy and steel components, and it is not flammable or combustion-supporting. The tent cover used has a fire resistance rating of B1. When there is a fire, firstly we will check the source of the fire, and use nearby items […]

What are the main structure and accessories of clear span structure tent

Clearspan structure tent, also known as an aluminum marquee tent, is a movable architecture. According to the construction area, they can be categorized as large tents and small tents; Divided from shapes, they are named as pagoda tent, spherical tent, polygon tent, double-deck tent, three-deck tent and curved tent. According to the functions, they can […]

Advantages of Industrial Storage Marquee Tent

Most production companies in China are facing the problem of uneven stocks in slack and peak seasons, which lead to the trouble of storage capacity adjustment. However, traditional storage of steel or reinforced concrete are also difficult to solve this problem. At present, the emergence of storage marquee tents has brought good news for enterprises […]

Combination of auto show and structure tent

Are you still worried about finding a place to hold a short-term outdoor business activity? Do you get sucked of the limited budget and expensive rents of the proper place? Do you find it difficult to attract customers’ eyes during the show?   Holding an auto-testing drive in an open area will surely be a […]

Emergency Plan of Kenten’s tent

In order to ensure the safe use of the tent and prevent social adverse effects of casualties, property losses. We need to draw up the emergency plan of tent.So according to the actual work of Kenten’s company and combined with our company’s tent installation project experience, Our company have made highly professional emergency plan of […]

The emergency measures for fire prevention of event tents are as follows

1.The dry powder extinguisher are need to be prepared at the tent site,Confirm the location of fire outlet,Equipped with high pressure sprinkler. 2.The above emergency supplies should be fully equipped and need to strengthen daily management.Fire extinguishers must not exceed the test date. 3.It needs to estabilsh and improve the fire prevention responsibility system at […]

Emergency plan for evacuation of people in event tent

1.The lessor of the tent shall set up a security office at the site to coordinate the security and fire fighting work. 2.Kenten company will arrange specially-assigned person to be responsible for the handling of fire and security emergencies and contact with relevant units. 3.Kenten company will invite the police agency arrange relevant police officers […]

Technical requirements for water, electricity and fire protection of large exhibition tent

1.Technical requirements for water, electricity and fire protection of large exhibition tent. As the large exhibition tent is generally built by European style temporary exhibition hall,The main structure of the tent is aluminum alloy and PVC coated fabric, both of materials are fire-retardant.As it is mainly aimed at the special standard booth and other facilities […]


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