What are the main structure and accessories of clear span structure tent

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Clearspan structure tent, also known as an aluminum marquee tent, is a movable architecture. According to the construction area, they can be categorized as large tents and small tents; Divided from shapes, they are named as pagoda tent, spherical tent, polygon tent, double-deck tent, three-deck tent and curved tent. According to the functions, they can be divided into sports event tent, exhibition tent, industrial tent, wedding tent, car show tents and celebration tent.


The main structure and accessories of clear span structure tent consists of the following six parts:

What are the main structure and accessories of clear span structure tent
  1. Main frame structure of clear span tent: The main structure of tent is constructed of hard pressed aluminum alloy profiles. Aluminum truss beam as the frame, the galvanized steel components are used to support the inter-column connection. The roof is reinforced with steel cable stays while both the roof and walls are covered with fabrics.
  2. Floor system: Clear span tents usually are built outdoors. Although it is possible to ensure the flatness of the ground, it’s still impossible to ensure the smoothness and beauty of the land if the tent is built on the grass or mud. However, the tent floor can effectively solve this problem. It is easier to walk and arrange furniture in the tent after the floor is laid. At the same time, the internal environment of the tent will also be improved.
  3. Door and windows: The installation of doors and windows in a clear span structure tent realizes the possibility of entering and exiting while also improves the safety level. On the other hand, door and window system can also increase the transparency, brightness and aesthetics of the tent. There are various of combinations of doors and windows that customers can purchase according to their own needs.
  4. Side wall: In addition to the ordinary fabrics, side walls can also be installed according to special requirements such as strength or appearance of the tent. The solid side wall has high impact resistance and adapts to various weather, which is suitable for long-term outdoor use. Besides, glass wall makes the tent become more elegant.
  5. Decoration: If the user has specific requirements for aesthetics of the clear span structure tent, it can be equipped with certain decorative accessories such as curtains, carpets and lights.
  6. Electricity system: The electricity system refers to the electrical facilities used in the tent including lights, air conditioners, stage lighting, banquets and heating appliances if needed.
  7. Lightning protection, drainage system, socket, anti-collision column, bracket, etc.




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