Traffic Passage Requirements for Tent Construction

1. Stacking equipment shall be stacked in accordance with the following regulations:
The stacking of equipment shall be in accordance with the location specified in the general layout of the construction site,
orderly and neatly arranged, meet the requirements of handling and fire protection.

2. The stacking height or number of layers of the tent equipment shall comply with the technical regulations of the tent products;

3. Model boards, packing boxes, scaffolding and other wastes removed from the site shall be cleaned and recycled in time, and stacked in a centralized manner;

4. Equipment shall not be stacked hebind the wall, and the spacing of 0.5m or more shall be reserved, and both ends shall be closed;

5. The spacing between tent supports, tarpaulins, load-bearing plates, doors and windows behind the wall shall not be less than 1.5m.


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