The technical construction standard of KENTEN tent

April 14 2020 0Comment

1.Tents are a temporary structures,which are meet the current temporary structures standards and requirements.

  1. Tents should have the factory certificate documents or relevant test reports.The certificate of conformity need to indicate the size,batch number,manufacturer name,production date,technical verification agency,combustion characteristics and necessary information.

3.The tent’s design,manufacture and installation must ensure the safety of the structure.The functional design of the tent should meet the national industry standards.The design documents of tent shall contain design drawings,stability check calculations safe operation,implementation and use instructions and combustion related documents,and the design documents need to be evaluated and checked by the relevant agencies.

4.The tent’s of fire protection design shall comply with national and local fire mandatory technical standards.The materials of tent’s side walls and inside must reach the fire rating of B1 and above,and the safety cables of the pillar structure must be made of non-combustible materials.

5.The tent’s wind resistance shall not be less than the resistance to wind power of level 8 and the wind loading should meet  “The standers of Building Structure wind loading”and the wind loading of site requirements,and relevant audited design documents shall be provided.

6.The ABS side walls,glass side walls ,wall panels ,railings,handrails should consider Sufficient horizontal bearing capacity ensures structural safety.

7.The tent’s frame material and accessories should up to the national standard, including specification, function and quality.

8.The tent’s of installation and ground fixation should meet the relevant national regulations and installation technical regulations and ensure the safety of the structure.

9.The tent should consider the relevant waterproof and drainage measures

10.The tent’s lighting and equipment of quality should comply with the relevant national standards. It is not allowed to use appliances and equipment with aging or damaged insulation, and relevant factory certification documents and relevant inspection certificates are required.

11.Cable and circuit box should up to national standard. Electrical equipment, lighting, and air conditioner need according to the relative rule to work.



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