The notices of KENTEN Tent use

April 01 2020 0Comment

1.Aluminum alloy profile need to maintain a smooth surface and avoid scratches by hard objects.

2.Aluminum alloy generally stacked height shall not exceed 80 cm, otherwise every 1 meter should be placed a sleeper, and every 80 cm high plus a layer of sleeper.

3.When you use the KENTEN TENTS,all aluminum alloy parts cannot be opened by themselves for aby modification.

4.During the transportaion of the tent,all aluminum alloy parts need to be protected by dunnage so that we can avoid deformation of the aluminum profile due to excessive load pressure.

5.Each square pipe shall not hanged a weight of more than 5kg and  it shall be hung on the steel pipe at both ends of the square pipe.

6.The tent cover must be 100% dry when it is folded,and the adhesion is cleaned to avoid moldy tarpaulin.

7.Steel parts and aluminum parts should be stacked separately to avoid tarpaulin scratches.

8.When you use the KENTEN tent,please try to avoid damage to the cover,for example:hot smoke, knife cutting, dyeing or damage to the appearance.

9.The KENTEN cover should not use it is difficult to clean,affecting the beauty of the tent

10.When you install the KENTEN tent’s cover,a carpet must be placed on the ground to prevent the tarpaulin from being scratched and soiled.

11.The transparent window lattice side wall tarpaulins should be stored in the entire tarpaulin and should not be folded.

12.Please pay attention all screws must not be removed by yourself during the use of the tent. Use a movable wrench to screw the nut to a position where it can contact the aluminum alloy material. The fastness can not be unscrewed by hand, but be careful not to be too tight to avoid damaging the aluminum alloy parts.

  1. Do not use open flame for barbecue or other activities in the tent.(because when the temperature is higher than 70 degrees, the cover are prone to deformation)



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